South Africa is a country rich with possibilities, vibrant cultures and diverse backgrounds. Despite upliftment initiatives, many socio-economic differences remain. We go beyond production to make it a core value to address these differences by working with community programmes in Cape Town.

LikhonaWe support the Nolubabalo Educare pre-school in Khayelitsha (the largest informal settlement in Cape Town). This pre-school is run by Elsie Dyasi and has greatly improved the community, as parents can travel to work knowing that their children are safe, fed and being educated.

Magic Mountain Productions also sponsors disadvantaged individual children’s education. Likhona Masika is one such child who began at Nolubabalo Educare in 2005 and is now attending a quality city school. She loves going to school!

Sponsorships are a great and easy way to making an immeasurable difference in the life of a disadvantaged child.

Should you be interested in donating towards a child’s education please email Sabina at