Magic Team To Plant Trees In Platbos

The Magic Team decided to join the Reforest Fest from 11 to 13 May 2012 and help to plant 1000 new trees at Platbos Forest with Greenpop.

Between Stanford and Gansbaai in the Western Cape, hidden in the gently folded landscape, there are five substantial patches of indigenous forest. The largest and best conserved of these is Platbos (= flat bush / forest).

Platbos is unique, not only because of the composition of the canopy tree species but also because to find forest in South Africa on gently undulating terrain, covered by deep, alkaline sandy soils, is rare. What also makes Platbos unique is that it is still home to Bushbuck and, according to Skead, is about the south western limit of this shy forest and scrub dweller. It seems too that the tiny and increasingly rare Blue Duiker also once occurred here.